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MicroStrategy business intelligence software, includes HyperIntelligence capabilities, an embedded analytics system using augmented intelligence and machine learning technology. MicroStrategy 2019, the prior platform release, focused on three areas: federated analytics, allowing extended connectivity to data sources and applications; transformational mobility, for easier mobile application development; and HyperIntelligence, integrating Bluetooth identity detection and voice.

Usher is a digital credential and identity intelligence product that provides a secure way for organizations to control digital and physical access. It replaces physical badges and passwords with secure digital badges, and generates information on user behavior and resource usage.

We support MicroStrategy clients with:

  • Enterprise Analytics

    • Advanced Analytics

    • Platform Architecture

    • Mobile Analytics

    • SDK Customisation

    • Cloud Migration

    • Performance and Upgrades

  • HyperIntelligence with Hyper cards

  • Intelligent Center Director

  • Embedded Identity and Analytics

MicroStrategy: Clients
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