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Client Stories: Projects
Satellite Dish


Financial Reporting


The client, a European Research and Technology center funded by 22 Member States based in Noordwijk, provides financial reporting for EU countries to determine spend spread and budget analysis for shared project costs. The Business Intelligence platform providing the reporting demonstrated high latency performance issues and in some cases time outs during critical business user reporting sessions resulting in user dissatisfaction and reduced user adoption.

The internal team were pressed with additional projects across the SAP BW domain allowing little time for continued administration of the environment to monitor and guarantee platform performance.


Initial analysis was completed to determine the improvement areas and identify potential issues. User sessions, concurrency, report complexity and hardware specifications verified to narrow down potential performance hurdles. The platform was tuned to the specific data warehouse requirements and fixes applied to greatly increase overall performance and availability. A remote administration model was put in place to monitor and manage the client environment at low cost providing continued support for IT and Business Users. User Management, Security, Cache Management were put in place to ensure high availability.


The initial performance issues were resolved, increasing availability and business user satisfaction. This allowed the business to focus on data centric questions providing value to their stakeholders across Europe. The Remote Administration provided a packaged services solution allowing the client IT team to focus on interactions with Business Users and strategic projects.

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